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Dr Jordan Plotnek

"Security is a foundational requirement for innovation and growth. This drives my passion for security science, particularly in response to emerging technologies that threaten socio-political stability and those that can cause cyber-physical impacts to civilian populations."

Jordan is a military veteran with a mixed academic and professional background spanning over a decade. Over the course of their career, Jordan has delivered on high-profile, complex, and sensitive security engineering and research programmes across Oceania, North America, Asia, and the Middle East.

Jordan's research is largely interdisciplinary and is centred around information warfare, emerging security threats, and socio-technical resilience. They regularly publish in reputable cross-disciplinary journals and academic conferences, as well as industry magazines and conferences around the world.

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Research Interests

Emerging socio-technical threats
Disinformation and democracy
Complex systems resilience
Critical infrastructure protection
Space system security

Academic Disciplines

Systems engineering
Security science
Computer science
Political science
Social science




Dr Jordan Plotnek holds a Ph.D. in cybersecurity from the University of South Australia (2023) and a B.Eng. with first class Honours in telecommunications from Swinburne University of Technology (2013).

Google Scholar for an up-to-date list of academic papers.
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